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Soleil Crème
Soleil Crème

Soleil Crème

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Intensive, regenerative 2 in 1 after-sun care for the hair.

This product is 125 ml.

Summer, sun, enjoyment, and pure relaxation!

This year, your hair will be as relaxed this summer as you are! Bristly, bleached hair – that was once upon a time. How can you change this?

Intensive, regenerative 2 in 1 after-sun care for the hair.

After sunbathing is before sunbathing! Soleil Crème - sun care for the hair proves this statement in many ways. At first, after sunbathing it calms, regenerates and conditions the hair with the combined power of active ingredients.Panthenol supplies and binds the maximum amount of valuable moisture. Natural orange peel wax increases the protection against weathering influences. Thanks to Soleil Crème, the hair structure is instantly improved – visibly and noticeably.

In addition, La Biosthétique hair research has incorporated a very effective active ingredient from the sunflower in the Soleil range. It effectively protects the hair, but without stressing it like conventional UV filters. The aggressive free radicals activated by UV radiation, which massively stresses the hair structure, are reliably neutralised.

In addition, non-hydrosoluble UV filters remain in the hair until the next wash, and together with a conditioning, UV-absorbent polymer they protect against renewed sun exposure. The summery scent is a treat for the senses. With this after-sun care, which can be used either as an express conditioner or as a deep-conditioning hair mask, depending on how much time you have, your hair will enjoy a stress-free summer.

The result is shimmering colour brilliance, velvety softness and healthy shine.

Evenly distribute and knead Soleil Crème into washed, towel-dried hair and leave in for 1-10 minutes, longer if necessary. Then rinse thoroughly.

The longer the activation time, the more intense the penetration of the active ingredients that deposit themselves on and then in the hair.

• Sunflower extract: Extensive protective shield to combat UV radiation
• Polymers and wheat peptides: provide the hair with elasticity, softness and shine
• Orange peel wax: increases the protection against weathering influences
• Conditioning polymer with a UV radiation-absorbent side chain: improves the UV radiation protection
• Non-hydrosoluble UV filters: remain in the hair until the next
• wash and protect it from renewed sun exposure
• Panthenol: calms, moisturises and enhances shine
• The Soleil scent composition is exclusive to La Biosthétique