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FREE Express Postage for ALL orders over $350.00

1. What is Monecious VIP Loyalty Program all about?

Our VIP Loyalty App is designed to reward our amazing customers like you for your continuous support.


2. How do I join the Loyalty Program?

Just create an account on our website and fill out all the necessary information and you're ready to go. Just click the icon on the bottom left side of our website to check it out.

3. What are the membership benefits?


4. How can I start collecting points?

We have multiple ways for you to start collecting points.

Go to Earn Monecious points tab and click the button to do the desired tasks to earn points.

Or by our referral program by sharing your personal unique link with your friends.

5. When do my points expire?

It would be yearly so make sure to spend all your points at the end of the year!

6. How can I redeem my rewards?

Go to redeem monecious points tab and click your desired discount coupon. Make sure you're logged in to redeem the coupon and check if your purchase met the required minimum purchase. Click the "i" icon to see if you meet the criteria of the minimum spend. 

Once done, you'll be getting a special discount code in your email and add the code to your order to reap your discount coupon.

  • $5 off
  • $15 off
  • $35 off
  • $60 off
  • $90 off
  • $150 off
  • 200 points
  • 350 points
  • 700 points
  • 1000 points
  • 1300 points
  • 1700 points


7. Why can't I add the discount code to my order?

First of all, we're sorry to hear that.😔 What we can tell you is that most of the time it would mean that your order doesn't meet the required minimum purchase to use the discount coupon. Here's the list of our discounted coupons and what are their min. purchase.

  • $5 off
  • $15 off
  • $35 off
  • $60 off
  • $90 off
  • $150 off
  • min. purchase of $50

  • min. purchase of $100
  • min. purchase of $250
  • min. purchase of $450
  • min. purchase of $650
  • min. purchase of $800