Apotecari Signature Shaker


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In a world that’s noisy and fast-paced, there’s this unanimous appreciation emerging for simple living – we crave it – we see it in farm to table, organic produce, the need to know what goes into the food and products we consume and use, Saturday morning markets popping up in inner city suburbs.

The entire range to date has been about clean, transparent formulations that work and respect the environment – just like the glass UV-protectant jars we source from Europe. So when it came time to introduce a shaker for Hair Food, we knew it had to be beautiful but we also knew, for us and everything we breathe as a brand, it had to be simple, work and support our mission to tread lightly on this planet.
It may not look like much, but this shaker is wheat straw ‘plastic’ – meaning it’s compostable and won’t still be here after everything else is gone.  Totally simple.