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Spud Sponge - Turmeric
Spud Sponge - Turmeric

Spud Sponge - Turmeric

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This Turmeric infused Konjac sponge is ideal for all skins that are tired and dull and need a boost.


Turmeric is a super antioxidant-filled herb long known for its skin health-giving properties.
• Turmeric is antiseptic
• Turmeric is anti-inflammatory
• Turmeric fights free radicals

Totally safe sponge for you sensitive types, pregnant women, and reactive skins.

Spud will be at his best for 2 months after this time if he is looking a bit shabby you may give him back to the earth by burying him in the garden or tossing him in the compost.

All you have to do....
- Remove from the bag.
- Grasp your hard dry Sud Sponge.
- Immerse in water and squeeze. Prepare yourself to be amazed as he doubles in size.
- Allow up to 5 mins to fully hydrate your Spud.
- To clean your face, massage Spud up and down, round and round all over including eyes.
- Spud can be used alone or plays nicely with your favourite cleanser.
- Gently rinse Spud until he is clean. (Do not wring)
- To keep Spud healthy, hang him up by his handy string in a nice airy and sunny spot.

Do not wring - just a gentle squeeze will do to remove the excess water.

Do not use dry - (That would be ouchy!) I need to be rehydrated by soaking in water for 5mins or being held under a running tap before my squishy awesomeness will be unleashed.

Rinse well after cleansing until I am clean.

Hang up by my handy string in a well-ventilated spot so I can dehydrate again.

What's Spud Made of?

Spud is made from the roots of 100% biodegradable konjac and is hand grown by Asian farmers. He is a member of the potato family. Konjac is famous in Asia and is used to make noodles, however, Spud Sponge is not designed to eat, he's not food!